Saturday, July 09, 2005

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London death toll rises past 50

The death toll in London's deadliest terrorist attack rose to more than 50 yesterday and appeared certain to climb higher as frantic families searched hospitals for loved ones still missing.
Two armed police officers patrol outside the Houses of Parliament in London yesterday.

Two armed police officers patrol outside the Houses of Parliament in London yesterday. (AP)

Families Search for London Bombing Victims

A New Yorker who fled the city after 9/11 is feared dead after terrorists blitzed England's capital. As his family waited by the phone in the Bronx, friends of Mike Matsushita searched London's hospitals and posted his photograph yesterday at sites devastated by Thursday's tragedy.

The sky turned pitch black and it still was day. Rain slashed in horizontal sheets and the cock-a-doodling wild chickens of Key West reclaimed city streets. Wind came in great, screeching bursts and more was on the way. » Hurricane Dennis Approaching Florida Keys, Threatening Gulf States

Country waits for judge’s supreme ruling View

Mom charged in girl's death
Injuries from abuse, doctors say. | Full story

Hip-hop parents hide discs from the kids
When his son, Clayton, is asleep, Mtu Pugh steps into his home office, pops in a CD and becomes a hip-hop headbanger, bobbing to the infectious beats and profane rhymes of rappers such as Eminem, Ludacris and 50 Cent. But when Clayton is awake, Pugh keeps the discs hidden on a bookcase, behind a childproof lock. Never mind that the child is just 14 months old.

Fifty years ago, visionaries predicted machines would be smarter than people by the end of the 20th century. AI marks 25 years of growth


London Falling

by Patrick Basham


Sipping pleasure - Some wines go best with summer activities

SINGLED OUT: Stevie Wonder -- 'From the Bottom of My Heart'
Wonder's first album of new studio material in about a decade has been delayed multiple times. And there's still no official release date. For the time being, we'll have to settle for "From the Bottom of My Heart," the second single from the disc, which debuts as the No. 7-selling single in Detroit during its first week out, according to SoundScan sale charts.

Fantastic Four
"Fantastic Four" certainly captures the spirit of the comic series created by Stan Lee - even if that means watching more flipping cars.

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