Friday, July 08, 2005

Edited by Victor A. Cuvo

Reid's pledge to track down bombers
Jul 8 2005
Every possible resource should be thrown at catching the perpetrators of the London bombings, Defence Secretary John Reid said.The scene in Tavistock Square, after a bomb ripped through a Number 30 double decker bus in London

London placed on highest state of alert
London is on the highest state of alert after British security services said they assumed that the terrorists responsible for Thursday's bomb attacks that killed more than 50 people remained at large and could strike again. | Read

Kings Cross
Flowers are tied to railings at London's King's Cross station as families and friends bearing photographs of the missing appealed for public help. Click here to see their pictures

Rich Lowry: London calling

J. Harvie Wilkinson III
by George Will (7/8)
Who should President Bush nominate to fill today's Supreme Court vacancy?