Sunday, July 03, 2005

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Couey's Confession
Are Florida authorities botching the case against John Couey?

Justice O'Connor retires
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

BERLIN, July 1 - Chancellor Gerhard Schröder cleared a crucial hurdle in his quest to hold an early election in Germany this fall, deliberately losing a confidence vote in the German Parliament on Friday. .. Economic Times
Schroeder loses vote on early elections
Has lost confidence vote

AP Withholds Story // UPDATE: 'The prosecutor's statement that three detainees have been charged with murder has been questioned'... MORE...

(AP) Singer Luther Vandross entertains the crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. SINGER LUTHER VANDROSS DEAD...

Bush’s Iraq Speech Should Help Sustain Support for Policy

Venus rallies to win historic Wimbledon final

Turpin's Stunning Defeat Of Robinson Was No Fluke

Lunch with the FT: Mamma, just killed a man
Lionel Shriver
Her tale of a mother whose son went on a killing spree cost Lionel Shriver her agent and a pile of rejection slips. But the Orange Prize-winner is not seeking refuge with the sisterhood. | Read

Taking the ridicule out of the schools.
by Lauren Collins - High court OKs personal property seizures - Jun 23, 2005
KELO V. NEW LONDON, Supreme Court decision


Mr. President, please talk more about Sept. 11

Remember awhile back, nearly four years now — it may have been in September — something really bad happened? We don’t like to talk about it now, but you may recall that it was in New York, and in Washington, and in a field in Pennsylvania. A lot of people died. It changed the lives of millions of Americans, some in profound ways.
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A Real Lockbox for Social Security by Michael Tanner

Constitutions take time
by Charles Krauthammer (7/1)

It took three months just to form a government after the elections, and over a month to find a formula for including Sunnis on the drafting committee for the constitution.

Attorney Paul Fisher Reacts to Supreme Court Decision in Kelo Eminent Domain Case
Attorney Paul Fisher Reacts to Supreme Court Decision
Heartland Senior Fellow Steven Titch Reacts to U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Brand X

Heartland Institute Senior Fellow Maureen Martin Reacts to U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Kelo

75 years old
by Thomas Sowell (6/30)

Three-quarters of a century! It is hard to believe that I am that old but arithmetic is uncompromising.

Supreme quotas?
by Thomas Sowell (7/2)
My reaction to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement was almost as positive as my reaction in 1981 was negative when the Reagan administration announced that they were going to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court.

Court Decision May Be Bush's Defining Moment
Potential impact on abortion and rivaling Iraq in its ability to split the country, nomination could be the most important domestic decision of presidency.
Pruden on Politics

When the law gets big for its pants Click to read or Print

Extra BY BARRY R. MCCAFFREY , Wall Street Journal
Success in Iraq, though not assured, is within reach.
12:01 a.m. EDT

ECN Managing Editor James M. Taylor Reacts to Supreme Court Decision in Kelo

I don't remember baseball being this easy Permalink from the Power Line blog.

I think we have alienated our allies and have killed more Iraqis than Saddam Hussein ever did.

She said this as reported on Michelle Malkin's blog, and on

Who Owns This Mortgaged Abode? From the C-Log conservative blog. Full Story

The Buzz
Eric Pfeiffer Reporting

CNN’s Inside Politics yesterday had a good line-up of 2008 players. They started with Virginia Senator George Allen and asked him about his speculated tension with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. CNN even had their title bar for the segment read, “Allen vs. Frist?” Allen attempted to drop the rumors: 07/01 12:44 PM