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Why Can't We Reform Our Criminals?
By David Farabee

American Enterprise Institute Press, 75 pages, $10

HERE'S a conundrum: Crime rates have plummeted in the past 10 years, yet recidivism rates for offenders have remained unchanged for the same period. The progress in crime reduction is in large part the result of implementing policies based on the "broken windows" theory, according to which the failure to act on minor offenses can result in more serious crime.

Kenner in Bloom
Kenner inspires hope for the future of literature. NR Review.

Disinformation . . .
(Thomas Sowell)
The future of the legal and political system of this country may be on the line when two judicial nominees the Democrats refused to let the Senate vote on in the last Congress are being again submitted for a vote.

Some profound questions during exam week
by Mike S. Adams

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Beijing, Apr. 28 ( - Seven priests of the underground Catholic Church were arrested in China's Heibei province on Wednesday, April 27, the reports.

The priests had been attending a spiritual retreat led by Bishop Jian Zhiguo of the Zhending diocese-- who had been under 24-hour surveillance by police for most of the past month. Bishop Jia had reportedly been warned by Chinese officials that he should not schedule any religious activities.

The tight surveillance of Bishop Jia had begun when the death of Pope John Paul II appeared imminent, and continued through the election of Pope Benedict XVI. The Chinese government has established a history of crackdowns on the underground Church at times when religious sentiments are high-- such as Easter and Christmas-- as well as the time of major national holidays and Communist Party meetings.

The Chinese government had sent a message of condolence to the Vatican on the death of Pope John Paul, and official greetings to the newly elected Pope Benedict, prompting some observers to speculate that the Beijing regime might adopt a more conciliatory line toward the Vatican. At the same time, however, government officials announced that diplomatic recognition of the Holy See could come only if the Vatican broke off ties with Taiwan and agreed to eschew "interference" in internal Chinese affairs.

The Chinese regime allows religious activity only under government control, and Catholics are expected to accept the leadership of the Catholic Patriotic Association. The Vatican's insistence on naming bishops is viewed by Beijing as "interference" with this state-sponsored body.

The seven priests who were taken into custody on Wednesday-- in a raid that involved dozens of police officers-- were Fathers Wang Dingshan, Li Qiang, and Liu Wenyuan from Gaocheng, Zhang Qingcai from Wuji, Li Suchuan from Zhaoxian, Pei Zhenping from Luancheng, and Yin Zhengsong from Dingzhou.


BCS cartel cracks door open

PHOENIX – Automatic bids into the Bowl Championship Series won't just be for a small handful of elite conferences anymore. Starting in 2008, every Division I-A college football conference will get a chance at an automatic BCS bid ... More...

Packers bite on leftovers
The Packers also signed Chaz Williams (5-10, 213), C a quarterback from Georgia Southern who will be converted to running back and kick returner. Williams, who has 4.5 speed in the 40, posted a 25-8 record as the starting quarterback for the Division I-AA Eagles. He rushed for 62 touchdowns and passed for 23. "He was a quarterback in an option offense," agent Jay Bianco said. "The Packers saw in his workout that he's got hands."
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