Saturday, April 23, 2005

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Moussaoui pleads guilty
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Joint Chiefs pick is a Marine
29 Vietnamese war veterans killed in bus crash - Globe and Mail
Italy's Berlusconi Forms New Government


Alex Smith
Alex Smith is projected to go No. 1 . . . or is he?

Must Be The Money

Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers? Still no answer from the 49ers at No. 1, where money may be the driving factor, writes's Don Banks.

MLB Banner Phillies Mike Hampton

Hampton hurls gem at Phillies(Click to Continue)

Bryant/16 teams, eight series, full coverage:

(1) MIA vs. (8) NJ | Simulated results Insider
(2) DET vs. (7) PHI | Simulated results Insider
(3) BOS vs. (6) IND | Simulated results Insider
(4) CHI vs. (5) WAS | Simulated results Insider

(1) PHX vs. (8) MEM | Simulated results Insider
(2) SA vs. (7) DEN | Simulated results Insider
(3) SEA vs. (6) SAC | Simulated results Insider
(4) DAL vs. (5) HOU | Simulated results

NASDAQ To Acquire Instnet
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Google at $300? It's heading there
The company delivered stellar first-quarter results, and it's likely to continue to post impressive numbers. Analysts already are boosting their estimates.

3 myths put Home Depot, Lowe's in a fix


Jonah Goldberg: C is for political correctness, and that’s silly.

Colin Powell is now bent on exacting his revenge on John Bolton. President Bush shouldn't allow this to stand. [Read "Powell vs. Bolton"]

Republicans aren't the only ones turned off by gay marriage
A very large number of people who voted for John Kerry went on to cast their vote against same-sex marriage.


Michelle Malkin Victims of the blackboard jungle


Why They Ran - Peggy Noonan (Wall Steet Journal)

Some Cardinals Get Chatty After Conclave - The Guardian

Pope Benedict has a sense of history - The Telegraph

New pope is strong on traditional values
Pope Benedict XVI is a welcomed and influential voice in the worldwide debate over moral absolutes and the utter despair of secularism.

“True Liberalism” by Rev. Robert A. Sirico

While Pope Benedict XVI has been universally described as a conservative, Rev. Sirico argues that a more accurate description of the man would be classical liberal – one who hopes in society, faith and freedom.

Notre Dame Professor John O'Callaghan offers salutary advice: to get a sense of the new pope, we should actually read what he has written (which is a lot) rather than rely on media reports. It's part of an insightful piece posted yesterday at the Center for Ethics and Culture blog. Long, but worth the read.

Vice President's Remarks to the Republican National Lawyers ...


The Dishonor Awards:
And the Award Goes to ... Dan Rather

What the heck is Prince Charles' last name?
I don't know of anyone who knows the answer to this question...well, maybe one (the former Gwenda Boston of Wales, now known as Gwenda Cuvo).
HRH The Prince of Wales
HRH The Prince of Wales

Charles, Prince of Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia... He is styled HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay in Scotland and HRH The Prince ... The prince's surname is officially Windsor, according to legal ...

Raymond Burr as Perry Mason
Raymond Burr, a/k/a
Perry Mason

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