Wednesday, April 06, 2005

BE068110 - Illustration of a Hand Writing with a Quill Pen
Edited by Victor A. Cuvo

Today's issue covers various topics of interest.

upgradeACT Profile
Learn about your personality and behavior.

Quiz: Quiz: Is Your Home Environmentally Safe for Your Family?

1. When using household cleaning products:

I always make sure the room has good ventilation

I sometimes, but not always, pay attention to the room's ventilation

I didn't know that room ventilation was helpful

Most celebrities accessorize with an expensive handbag or some blinding bling. But others opt for livelier accessories: their kids. Star parents tote their tots everywhere ?- from movie sets to award shows and even to red carpet premieres. Can you match each kiddie to his or her famous mommy or daddy? Put your celebrity knowledge to the test!


Smart Ways to Stop A Headache

Saul Bellow 1915-2005

Barbecue Across the South
Barbecue is pork. No, beef. How about mutton? Chicken? Goat? North Carolina has the best barbecue. Make that Texas. Memphis is barbecue heaven. Nope. Kansas City.