Monday, April 04, 2005

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Edited by Victor A. Cuvo

Faithful pay respects to pope

With heads bowed and hands folded in prayer, cardinals, archbishops and diplomatic dignitaries paid their respects today to Pope John Paul II at the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City, while around the world the faithful mourn the pope's death and celebrate his life.

Blair delays election date announcement; Prime minister defers out of respect for Pope...

Border Volunteers Report First Group of Illegal Immigrants

Brazil Police Arrest Two Suspects in Rio Massacre



John J. Miller

"Dear Ellen"; or, Sexual Correctness at Harvard by Ruth R. Wisse
The troubles of Lawrence Summers light up our cultural landscape like a flare. What is a thoughtful young woman to do who doesn't like what she sees?

North Carolina (1) vs Illinois (1)

The Citadel On Way UP!
by Carl Baker
Look for the Citadel to be highly competitive, if not this year and so on. The new head coach is Kevin Higgins formerly of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa.....Here's the skinny: Prior to Higgins, Lehigh was just another Lehigh Valley college playing football in the Colonial League and just waited around for it's big game with Lafayette. Well two things happened at once: 1.) Higgens became head coach and 2.)the University snagged The Philadelphia Eagles to hold training camp in Bethlehem. I covered the camps and saw that Higgens and his staff were being tutored by the Eagles staff. They were allowed to sit in on team meetings and strategy sessions, plus the staff watched what the Pro Coaches were looking for in a player and a team!!!! GUESS WHAT TEAM BECAME A PERRENNIAL WINNER OF THE COLONIAL LEAGUE AFTER THAT AND STARTED PLACING PLAYERS IN THE PROS !!!! Then Higgins quit Lehigh.......TO BECOME QUARTERBACKS COACH WITH THE LIONS!!!! So as head coach at the Citadel guess what's going to happen?!!!! Another Lehigh Valley boy will make good. Chuck Amato at N.C. and Higgens at the Citadel !!!!